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What's New?

Colonial Troopers: Knight Hawks is the latest offering from Night Owl Workshop. Knight Hawks is an expansion to the Colonial Troopers hard sci-fi roleplaying game.

It is available now at the Night Owl Workshop store and at DriveThruRPG.

Massive starships and lightning-fast fighters are an iconic element of science fiction. This supplement offers a quick, simple system to resolve ship versus ship combat, and may also be used to resolve battles between ships and characters or even ships and monsters. These rules are in no way intended to be comprehensive, or necessarily realistic, but rather to facilitate imaginative abstraction of starship combat in the most fair and concise fashion possible. A combat could be run strictly in the imagination of the players without miniatures, but this rule set provides enough substance that a more strict tactical game could be run with tabletop figurines on a grid.

The book also contains adventure locations, a mini sandbox-style setting on an asteroid mining station infested with an alien plague, and multiple new bugs for your Colonial Troopers to encounter.

This book is designed as a general sourcebook for conducting space combat using the Original Edition rules. It does make references to the Colonial Troopers core rulebook. Mostly to the character classes. While that book is not absolutely required to use this sourcebook, it can expand its usefulness.

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