Warriors of the Red Planet

WARRIORS OF THE RED PLANET is a game of classic pulp, of “Sword & Planet” science-fantasy. If your tastes run towards flashing swords and pistols against a backdrop of alien vistas, soaring airships, and lost civilizations on far-away worlds then this is the game for you.

This roleplaying game is intended to evoke the worlds, as well as the “style” presented in the Martian, Venusian, and other Sword & Planet works of Burroughs, Moorcock, Kline, Vance, and others where no race, creature, or device is too fantastic. Heroic men and women struggle against devious warlords and mad Scientists, and against the ravages of time eroding the frayed edges of their civilizations. The rules presented here are intended to be either a complete game, in and of itself, or to serve as a companion to other fantasy games. They are resources for Referees to pick and choose from, whichever suits their fancy.

The rules are based, in their most basic form, on the original fantasy roleplaying game, and all elements are intended to be mostly compatible with that system, its successive editions and versions, and with other “old-school” “retro-clones” like Colonial Troopers, Guardians, and others.

  • OSR Compatible Roleplaying Game rules
  • 4 New Character Classes and the optional, sinister, Sorcerer of the Black Gate
  • Hundreds of new Monsters, Weird Science, & Psionics
  • A fully realized geographically correct map of Ancient Mars (Barsoom)
  • Dozens of random tables and campaign adventure guidelines
  • Lavishly Illustrated in old-school pen & ink style
  • This is the Sword & Planet RPG you've been looking for!

Critical Acclaim for Warriors of the Red Planet!

Warriors of the Red Planet is an excellent product in every respect. Its design is clearly a tribute to both the classic Sword & Planet authors and the old D&D white box (the original set of rules), complete with wonderful black-and-white illustrations throughout by Thomas Denmark. Al Krombach's writing is clear and descriptive, and the ruleset he's created is more than sufficient to get a GM and his or her players through a campaign set in whatever Sword & Planet world you desire. The text is also simply entertaining to read in its own right. If you are looking for a ruleset that lovingly pays tribute to classic D&D and Edgar Rice Burroughs' imagination, this book is a must, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
-by Brian F.

This book is awesome--best ERB RPG I have seen and definitely worth every penny simply for the artwork and the awesome bestiary alone. Great pictures of Tharks, Kaldanes, etc. I loved the crazy take on magic and the totally messed up sorcerer class in this book!
-Wind L.

See what all the fuss is about.
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