Warriors of the Red Planet

Sword & Planet RPG

Inspired by the tales of Captain Carter on Mars, the pulp genre of Planetary Romance, and the adventures of science fiction heroes from the golden age of serial movies and shows, Warriors of the Red Planet is an action adventure roleplaying game designed with OSR (Open Source Rules) that are compatible with the original and most popular tabletop roleplaying games.

Relive the Adventures of Captain Carter on Mars

Captain Carter

Princess of the Red Planet

Faithful Calot

Jeddak of Thark

Adventure Modules

Mechanized Men of Mars

An ancient long forgotten scientist has come back and created an army of mechanized men to conquer Helium.

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Haunted Ruins of Koris Nesh

Delve into the secrets of a civilization that sought to cheat death and preserve its legacy, only to find betrayal and doom lurking beneath the surface.

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A Princess of the Red Planet

An adaptation of the classic novel into a sandbox-style adventure. In development, follow updates on our Blog.